Will Jarrett is a technical textile product designer providing tactical outdoor brands with design and production input. Through his varied experience of both technical product development and functional menswear design he can combine this to provide a bespoke design service to a broad range of clients.

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The site is split into two sections, ‘Purpose & Scope’ are some of Will’s own design works, whilst ‘Miscellaneous Clothing & Equipment’ is a body of interesting reference items he has collected along the way.

Will originally specialised in the design of performance & military apparel through the Arktis brand. The Arktis brand has had a broad and interesting history equipping; Everest missions, Secret Service Operatives and various S.F. teams over its 30 year heraldry.

The launch of the ArkAir project has helped Will to use this inspiration and experience to offer a very unique product to very select menswear stores. It has also highlighted another interest of his, the design of textile prints.